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alocin42 in westillbelieve

Batman Kink Meme Part 2

The ye olde Batman Kink Meme of July 2008 - Present Day has been unofficially closed and a new purpose-built community established right here at batmankink for all your Bat-smut needs and desires.

A few prompts have been submitted and claimed but it's a bit quiet so I'm spreading the word in the hope that more filthy-minded individuals will come and take a look. It's a great chance to request that secret and really weird pairing you've been hankering for or to try your hand at writing something new on an anonymous basis, as well as giving you the opportunity to view the warped inner-minds of Bat-fans. Come on over and join in the fun!

(x-posted to a few communities so sorry for f-list spammage)


Thank you for the pimp. :)
No problem, and umm yeah, I might have got a little carried away with the mass-pimping but it's just so great Bat-kinking has been reborn and I want to drag as many other people as possible down with us! ;D